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Signs that Indicate its Time to Replace Your Pump System

Posted: 08/03/2019
Category: Pump Maintenance

Whether you use your pump systems for irrigation, industrial piping or wastewater treatment systems, a consistent and high-performing pump system is essential. If you rely on outdated pumping systems, then you not only lose out on productivity and efficiency but also end up spending large sums of money as operational costs. To identify whether it’s time to upgrade your pumps, look out for the following signs:

Electrical Excess

ElectricalObsolete pumps use higher energy for the same outputs compared to modern pump systems. If you notice your electricity bills shooting higher and higher with the same amount of usage, then your pump systems may be to blame. Replacing your old pumps with modern ones not only help in improving efficiency but also help in reducing your overall electricity bills.

Frequent Repairs

pump repairsApart from wasting energy, old pumps tend to break down more often and require frequent services to keep them functioning. If you are spending more money and time on servicing your pump, then you can consider replacing it. Newer pumps like the latest range of pumps from Sintech are made of high-quality materials and incorporate state-of-the-art technology. They last for several decades without any issues. This reduces your overall pump maintenance costs.

Inadequate Pressure

PressureIf your pump struggles to displace the fluid at a constant pressure throughout the system, then it’s an indicator that you have to replace it. All latest pumps deliver and maintain consistent pressure throughout the system.

Visible Leaks

fluid LeaksIf you notice the displaced fluid escaping out from the pump system via leaks or if you notice the lubricant seeping out from the pump system, then it’s an indicator that it’s time to upgrade your existing pump system.

Drop in Performance

Drop in PerformanceFinding that the output delivered by your pump is lower and lower than before? Old pumps that have crossed their lifecycle see a drop in output performance.

You have no clue what’s Wrong with your Pump

Wrong with your PumpDo you find yourself calling in the pump service technician frequently? Not able to pinpoint accurately what’s wrong with your pump? Notice weird burning smells or loud noises from your pump, even after frequent services? These are sure signs that it’s time to upgrade your pump.

Getting Replacement Parts for Your Pump is Getting more and more Challenging

If you find that replacement parts are costing you an arm and a leg, it’s time to bite the bullet and replace your existing pump system. Worse still, you cannot find replacement parts even if you are ready to spend a fortune.

The only thing holding your pump system together is Rust

rust on pumpsYou can no longer find your pump system hidden underneath all the rust. You find that everything is leaking and disassembling and assembling your pump system is impossible without damaging a few parts. While trying to extend the lifecycle of your pump is appreciable, don’t overdo it. Maintaining an old pump is expensive and quickly dry up your working capital. So, make sure to replace your pump, cut down costs and increase outputs, if you notice one or more of the signs listed above. To purchase the best industrial pumps in India, reach out to one of our sales representatives here at Sintech.

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