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About shri Nanak Chand Dhingra

Founder and Chairman
Shri Nanak Chand Dhingra is Founder and Chairman of Sintech Precision Products Ltd, which manufactures Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps under the Brand name Sintech Pumps. He is the brains behind Sintech’s Design, Development and R&D Division.

He established Sintech in 1986 and his role in contributing to the Sugar industry is commendable. Since 1986 he has given Sugar Industry various energy efficient pumps which include Torque Flow Pumps for Mill House Application, Vertical Mixed Flow and Turbine Pumps for Injection and Cooling Water and recently provided Dynamic Sealing Pumps which work without any external sealing arrangement and is a perfect solution for Sugar Industry.

Under his Stewardship, Today Sintech provide Manufacturing, Sales, Service and Technical support to customers in the Water. Utility, Industrial and Building services sectors. Sintech pumps are serving customers in diverse applications like Sea Water Desalination, Clear Water, process applications, slurry, liquid with suspended solids, sewage, acids, alkalis to name a few. Till date SINTECH has supplied pumps in thousands for numerous critical & non-critical applications, which are working efficiently day in and day out as per total customer’s satisfaction.

Apart from his commendable contribution to Sugar Industry around the world, He has been involved in documenting India’s Wildlife for over a decade now. He has been able to capture brilliantly India’s amazing animal kingdom and also some rare animal behavior never recorded before.

His work has appeared in BBC Wildlife, India Today, Sanctuary Asia and many other journals, books and newspapers. ‘Vatavaran’, India’s exclusive Environment and Wild-Life festival, has exhibited his work exclusively, as well as Project Tiger, the Government of India’s most famous and prestigious conservation project.

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HOD Design

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HOD – Service

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