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Irrigation Pumps Manufacturers

A leading Irrigation Pump Manufacturers

Sintech Pumps India a leading Irrigation Pumps Manufacturers can supply pumping solutions for irrigation, agriculture and livestock applications that reduce energy costs, safeguard the water resource, and keep productivity at its best.

Agriculture occupies an important role in world economic development. Water is source of agriculture, so as an indispensable device, submersible irrigation pump is in great need all the time. For meeting customers’ need, Sintech has made great effort to perfect our pumps, improve their performances and prolong their service life. Submersible irrigation pumps from Sintech Pumps has been sold overseas and won great praise among customers. As one of the best submersible pump manufacturer, Sintech is still stepping forward for producing better pumps.

Utilizing water is the key to success in the agricultural industry, Sintech provides solutions for your clean water supply, crops and livestock. Reliable and efficient water supply is vital to daily farming, therefore we have combined their knowledge and expertise in this field, to provide a vast range of pumps, valves and controls which provide a constant and desired flow and pressure. As well as supplying pumps for water supply, Sintech are experts in Slurry Handling equipment and have a vast range of products and solutions to suit farming needs.

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    Irrigation Pump Range

    Perhaps your existing water pressure is not sufficient for your irrigation system? If so, an irrigation pump could be the perfect solution for you. Irrigation pumps provide a consistent flow and pressure to your irrigation system, allowing higher water flows and pressures that are available from the mains water supply. Irrigation pumps must be connected to a water storage tank and not to the water mains.

    Take a look at our extensive range of irrigation pump and pump accessories.
    STF Pump

    Torque Flow Pump – STF

    These specially designed Pumps for Mill House/ Diffuser are very suitable where conventional non-clog pumps cannot handle liquids due to plugging or abrasive wear. The principal of the hydrodynamic liquid coupling is used for the energy transfer to the pumping liquid. The impeller generates a whirlpool in the casing and this whirlpool acts as a pumping element (impeller) in the casing.


    • Un-obstructed passage to the discharge size of the pump
    • Handles large solids & long fibers
    • Gentle pumping action, no flocs / crystal damage
    • Low maintenance cost, no sealing rings on impeller, no small clearances to be maintained
    • Handles abrasive slurries
    • Handles vulnerable products like vegetables, fish, crystals etc
    • Vibration free running due to hydraulically balanced construction
    • Low leakage

    Dynamic Sealed Pump – UMOR

    These are specially designed pumps for Falling Film Evaporator and Juice applications in Sugar Industry. The pumps are Dynamically sealed where one repeller is used to avoid leakage and wasting of liquid from stuffing box. Repeller Reduces the pressure form stuffing box area and send back the liquid to suction line.


    • IBack pull out type bearing frame assembly
    • Hydraulically balanced, closed impeller for long life and high efficiency performance
    • Heavy duty shaft with maximum deflection less than 0.05mm.
    • Special designed stainless steel impeller nut with helical spring insert to lock the impeller properly
    • Heavy sections to withstand high pressure and temperature
    • Standard bearings are designed for a minimum average life of 20000 hours
    UMOR Pump
    UMOR Pump


    These are specially designed pumps for Syrup and Melt applications in Sugar Industry. The pump can be offered for viscous liquids, solids mixture upto a limit of viscosity 1000 ssu(68 Brix,Sp.Gr.1.338) at 20°C. These pumps are used for Sulphited or Unsulphited syrups and Melt application. Pump can handle liquids having temperature Upto 90°C, Stuffing box cooling arrangement is provided with stuffing box.


    • Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced
    • One repeller, to reduce the pressure from Stuffing box area
    • Oversized rugged shaft to minimize corrosion
    • Stuffing box easily converted from gland packing to mechanical seal.
    • Heavy duty bearing for maximum life
    • Stuffing box cooling arrangement is provided with stuffing box

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