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Battling Global Water Scarcity by Reusing Industrial Wastewater

Posted: 05/03/2019
Category: Water Pumps

Water is essential to all life on the planet. Sadly access to water is denied to millions of people. Find out, what you can do to battle global water scarcity. Access to water is linked not just to the health and safety of the world’s population, but also plays a crucial role in economic vitality and development. Yet, more than 4 billion people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. With increasing deforestation, soil erosion and pollution, climate changes and increased consumption – water quality and availability has deteriorated significantly all around the globe. We need to take collective action to improve water availability and to improve access to clean and safe water to all. Governments, private organizations, educational institutions, and civil society – everyone should work together to implement the right solutions to address water scarcity. Sustainable and innovative solutions are the best way to address water scarcity. Here, in today’s post, we shine the spotlight on how you can tackle water scarcity by reusing industrial wastewater generated at your plant. What is Industrial Water Reuse? Waste-WaterAs the term implies, industrial water reuse is the practice of using treated wastewater in other non-critical applications as a way to conserve water. From food production to automotive and aerospace technology, businesses across industries have integrated water reuse practices. Industrial wastewater generated can be treated in several ways like using an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system, or ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) system. Irrespective of the type of wastewater treatment system you use, the pumps are a critical component of the system. Environmentally Aware and Efficient – Sintech, Your Trusted Partner is Waste Water Engineering Pumps, valves, and systems from Sintech are a crucial component of wastewater handling in your industries. From transporting wastewater to treatment plants to disposal – Sintech’s range of pumps offer you complete reliability and efficiency. Our extensive experience and knowledge in wastewater engineering help you set up a smooth and efficiently operating the wastewater treatment plant. Here, at Sintech, our responsible and sustainable approach to the environment is as crucial as focusing on delivering maximum efficiency in our products and services. Reliable & Efficient – Presenting the Next Generation of Wastewater Pumps from Sintech With high-efficiency motors and non-clogging impellers, our range of wastewater pumps improves efficiency. The new gen wastewater pumps from Sintech include:

Energy Efficient Wastewater Pumps and Motors for Optimum Efficiencies Whether you are looking to deal with industrial or municipal wastewater – the submersible motor pumps from Sintech are the perfect solution for all your wastewater transport requirements. Combined with high-efficiency motors, our pumps offer significant energy savings. Sintech Pumps is a leading industrial wastewater pump supplier in India. Reliable and Efficient: The New Non-Clogging Impellers New Non-Clogging ImpellersThe maximum-free flow impellers used in our new-gen range of wastewater pumps offer you maximum efficiency with minimum clogging risks. The asymmetric arrangement of the vanes offers a large uninhibited passage, which allows solids of different sizes to pass through the system without any difficulties. The slightly convex profile of the central hub in the middle of the impeller prevents the risk of clogging. Whether you are using submersible or centrifugal type of wastewater pumps, the new range of impellers offers you clogging-free operation. Energy-efficient Motors that Provide Optimum Efficiency Energy-efficient MotorsUsing our range of new-gen wastewater pumps that offer optimum efficiency provides you with considerable energy savings. The motors are highly economical to use and are suitable for all applications. You are assured of maximum energy savings due to low energy operational requirements, and reduced maintenance costs. With optimum operations, you are assured of constant performance. Customized Wastewater Pumps for all Requirements Irrespective of the type of wastewater treatment method you use, Sintech’s extensive range of specially-adapted impellers and energy-efficient motors offer you a wide range of wastewater pumps. Get in touch with our industrial pumps experts to find the right wastewater pump that suits your specific application – like improving operational efficiency and improving reliability.

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