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Desalination Plant

Desalination of seawater is rapidly becoming an additional and necessary source of potable water in many parts of the world, and Sintech Pumps is a market leader supplying solutions for desalination.

Desalination is a process for producing drinking water and service water from seawater and with pumps from Sintech you are ensured a perfect desalination process. Sintech pumps are well-known all over the world for their long lifecycle, low maintenance costs and low NPSH values. Sintech centrifugal pumps are an obvious choice for water purification systems or reverse osmosis (RO) treatment. The powerful Sintech double suction pump is perfect for seawater intake – and Sintech has a full range pump program for brine, recirculation, backwash and transfer.

We can supply pumps for both dry and submerged installation. In particular, Sintech pumps are specifically designed to withstand corrosion, especially where the water has a high concentration of hydrocarbons and many chemicals.

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    Sintech – Supplier of Best Pumps for Desalination Plants

    Turn Salt Water to Potable Water to Meet Urban, Industrial and Irrigational Needs

    Sintech offers a complete range of pumps for seawater desalination. Efficient and economical, our seawater desalination pumps are the best in the industry.

    Water is the essential source of all life on the planet. Though our world is blessed with abundant water (nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water), only a tiny percentage is usable by humans. 97% of the Earth’s water resources comprise saltwater. The average salt content in seawater is 3.5% – too much for human consumption.

    The demand for clean and pure drinking water is on the increase. From developing nations to developed countries, everyone is struggling to meet the water needs of their citizens. Freshwater resources are not only scarce but unevenly distributed across the planet. Globally, the water crisis is deepening as the population grows, and development occurs.

    The solution – Seawater Desalination

    Desalination is an ideal solution to bridge the growing water needs of the population and water scarcity worldwide. Thanks to significant progress in desalination technology, converting seawater to potable water is easier, more economical and efficient than ever before.

    Sintech – Trusted Supplier of Seawater Desalination Pumps in India

    The selection of efficient pumping equipment is key to the success of seawater desalination. Sintech offers a full range of centrifugal water desalination pumps that ensure the lowest operating cost and the best reliability. Our innovative design and best manufacturing practices provide a wide range of single-stage and multi-stage pumps ranging from small to large, to meet various requirements.

    We supply centrifugal water desalination pumps for Reverse Osmosis seawater desalination plants. Besides offering desalination pumps for the critical inlets and outlets, we also provide auxiliary pumps for desalination plants for water transport, backwashing and more. Our seawater desalination pumps can be customised to offer the best results depending on the water salinity and temperatures. Efficient, economical, long-lasting, easy maintenance – Sintech pumps for seawater desalination are a worthy investment.

    Pumps for Desalination

    Sintech Pumps has developed a reputation as the industry leader for high-pressure pumps due to the long-life and dependable performance. Materials of construction include Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel in various grades, which offer excellent corrosion resistance, strength and life – even in the harshest environment.


    Split Casing Pumps Double Suction – SCS

    This range provides a higher efficiency with lower maintenance. Development of this new range followed an extensive consultation with major users. This has produced an advanced pump, which provides total reliability and reduced life cycle cost.

    This Pump can be Installed as
    • Horizontal coupled
    • Vertical open coupled
    • Vertical close coupled


    • Improved Hydraulics
    • Stiff Shaft Design
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Increased Component Life with more corrosion allowance
    • Enhanced Performance
    • Increased Efficiency
    • Low Hydraulic Loads

    Dynamic Sealed Pump – UMOR

    These are specially designed pumps for Falling Film Evaporator and Juice applications in Sugar Industry. The pumps are Dynamically sealed where one repeller is used to avoid leakage and wasting of liquid from stuffing box. Repeller Reduces the pressure form stuffing box area and send back the liquid to suction line.


    • IBack pull out type bearing frame assembly
    • Hydraulically balanced, closed impeller for long life and high efficiency performance
    • Heavy duty shaft with maximum deflection less than 0.05mm.
    • Special designed stainless steel impeller nut with helical spring insert to lock the impeller properly
    • Heavy sections to withstand high pressure and temperature
    • Standard bearings are designed for a minimum average life of 20000 hours
    UMOR Pump

    Horizontal and Vertical Axial Flow Pumps – SAF & SVAF

    This range of pumps offer widest range of selection depending upon the pumping liquid from clear water to varying degrees of contamination. These pumps are designed to operate at 50Hz or 60 Hz, in single or more than one stage according to head required.


    • Vertical pumps take little space in plan since the liquid in led away to the
    • axis of shaft.
    • The impeller is submerged, so pump does not require to be primed and is
    • always ready for use.
    • The positive suction condition also prevents the cavitation in the pump
    • and pitting in impeller & diffuser.
    • Due to positive head at suction the pump gives its rated performance as
    • well as high overall efficiency,
    • whereas in Horizontal pumps due to losses in suction line, foot valve etc.
    • the rated performance of the pumps is not achieved.

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