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Paper Industry

As we know Paper industry is one of the most technically demanding sectors. Manufacturing paper requires a variety of specialized and highly-engineered machines. Sintech pumps one of the best Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers in India meet these demanding requirements. That is why many leading paper Industries rely on our pumps throughout their entire manufacturing process.

Sintech Pumps is an ISO 9001 Certified Pump Manufacturers in India. Our Range Covers Centrifugal Pumps, Centrifugal Water Pumps, Multistage pumps, Non Clog Slurry Pumps, Self Priming Pumps etc. We welcome you to visit our pumps range at our website. Your valuable enquiries are welcomed and we assure you to get the correct solution from our side.

As we Know the pumping of stock is one of the most crucial operations in Paper and Pulp Industry. Stock pumping solutions are traditionally divided into low consistency [0-6%] range and medium consistency [6-10%] range. Sintech offers pumps for all consistency range without comprising on efficiency and overall performance.

Specially designed SAPP range for intermediate consistency [3-8%] range helps users save minimum of 5 % on Energy cost as compared to a conventional pump.

Sintech also offer tailor made solutions for all other Paper making process applications.

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    Sintech – The Best Paper Industry Pumps Suppliers in India

    The paper and pulp manufacturing industry is one of the most demanding sectors for pumping solutions. Paper plants operate non-stop, and any downtime in the manufacturing process leads to significant loss of productivity and expensive downtime. Besides handling pulps, pumps used in the paper industry must handle tons of water, which have to be treated and managed according to strict regulations.

    The challenges faced by pumping solutions for the paper industry are many: handling rigid raw materials, abrasive slurries, massive quantities of chemicals, and temperature-sensitive fluids. Keeping all these challenges in mind, Sintech – the No.1 paper industry pumps suppliers in India offer a vast collection of highly-efficient, reliable, durable and sturdy pumps specifically designed to address the challenges of the pulp and paper manufacturing industry.

    The Sintech Guarantee for Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Industry

    Our pumps used in paper industry are the best-in-class solutions and deliver high-levels of efficiency and reliability. Our pump solutions are used in paper manufacturing, from stock and starch preparation to paper coating and wastewater treatment.

    The pulp and paper industry uses abrasive slurries and corrosive liquids that require durable pumps with high-suction capabilities, chemical compatibility and efficient operation. Whether you’re looking for pumps to reduce your pumping equipment’s lifecycle costs or improve efficiency, Sintech Pumps – world-class paper industry pumps suppliers are your trusted partner. From installation to components replacement, servicing to preventive maintenance, we guarantee you the best service every step of the way.

    The Sintech Advantage for the Paper Industry


    Enhance productivity


    Reduce lifecycle costs


    Avoid costly downtime


    Lower maintenance costs


    Minimise energy consumption


    Long-lasting, reliable and highly-efficient pumps

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    Why choose Sintech when selecting Pumps used in Paper Industry?

    Wide range of pumps to handle the various challenges of the paper industry

    A global presence and spare parts availability across the world

    Pump installation, customisation and extended after-sales support

    Are you responsible for managing the operation of a paper mill? Looking to enhance operational efficiency while reducing overhead costs? Get in touch with Sintech, the No.1 paper industry pumps supplier in India for customised pumps that offer you the best operation with maximum reliability and efficiency. Give us a call, and let’s get started with the perfect pump solutions to meet the needs of your paper mill.

    Pumps for Paper Industry

    SAPP Pump


    It is a highly efficient Pump for handling sulphite, Sulphate (Kraft) and waste stock. It is also suitable for other types of thick, Pulpy mixtures in various applications through out industry.

    This series handles all kind of stock up to 6% consistency, and can be used for higher consistencies in special condition. Smooth and extra heavy casing and Impellers, prevents clogging or air locking.


    • Semi-open impeller hydraulically balanced.
    • Oversized rugged shaft to minimize corrosion.
    • Stuffing box easily converted from gland packing to mechanical seal.
    • Heavy duty bearing for maximum life.
    • Oil lubrication.


    The Pump is very suitable where normal stock pumps cannot handle liquids due to plugging or abrasive wear. The principal of the hydrodynamic liquid coupling is used for the energy transfer to the pumping liquid. The impeller generates a whirlpool in the casing and this whirlpool acts as a pumping element (impeller) in the casing. Un-obstructed passage to the discharge size of the pump.


    • Un-obstructed passage to the discharge size of the pump.
    • Handles large solids & long fibers.
    • Gentle pumping action, no flocs / crystal damage.
    • Low maintenance cost, no sealing rings on impeller, no small clearances to be maintained.
    • Handles abrasive slurries.
    • Handles vulnerable products like vegetables, fish, crystals etc.
    • Vibration free running due to hydraulically balanced construction.
    • Low leakage.
    SAPP Pump
    SAPP Pump


    Sintech make Non Clog pumps TYPE-SSHQ are designed to handle slurries with trapped gases, suspended solids (pulp, stock, liquors, unscreened juice etc.) and Viscous liquids (syrups, melt, crude oil etc.). It has three or four vanes semi open type impeller. These pumps are manufactured under strict quality assurance system and are very rigid in construction. Arrangement for back pull out is provided in the design so that rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing piping or the prime mover.


    • Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced
    • Oversized rugged shaft to minimize corrosion.
    • Stuffing box easily converted from gland packing to mechanical seal.
    • Back pull out frame assembly.
    • Heavy-duty bearing for maximum life.
    • Oil lubrication.

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