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Sintech Pumps one of the best Pumps Manufacturer in India provides most Reliable, efficient and innovative products to cater the growing demands for both conventional and super critical technology based Thermal Power Plants.

Sintech – Pumps for the Power Industry

Sintech pumps is the best Pumps Manufacturer in India and we know the value of  operation and top reliability in power stations   is what Sintech products stand for. Reliable power station pumps and high-pressure valves make Sintech Pumps the market leader.

Sintech – The Trusted Supplier of Modern Pumps for the Power Generation Industry

Electricity plays a crucial role in determining human progress. The global power generation is predicted to increase from 38.5% between 2017 and 2030. The phenomenal economic growth in developing nations like India and China has fuelled the demand for energy. Currently, Asia accounts for nearly 30% of global energy demand. Energy production, irrespective of the source – thermal, hydro, nuclear, natural gas – is a challenging industry with a focus on safety, emission control and efficiency.

As a leading pump manufacturer in India, Sintech has supplied state-of-the-art, high-performance pumps for the big names in the power generation industry. With over three decades of experience and expertise in building power plant pumps, we offer a vast range of pumping solutions specially designed for the power industry.

Our pumps are in operation at several power plants in India and overseas. With a focus on design innovation, our power plant pumps can operate at high-pressures and high-temperatures with minimal downtime. Reliability, efficiency and extreme durability are the hallmarks of Sintech power plant pumps.

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    Why choose Sintech Pumps for the Power Generation Industry?

    Innovation Combined with Efficiency

    Our reliable, efficient and innovative pumping solutions for the power industry help us exceed the growing demands and overcome the sector’s challenges. Pumps play a crucial role in steam power plants. At Sintech, we deeply understand the enormous role our pumps play in the overall functioning of the power plant.

    Experience combined with Expertise

    Our experience, combined with our technical expertise and thirst for innovation, helps us design the industry’s best world-class pumps. We offer pumps for all the major applications of the power industry like Condensates Pumping, Circulating Water Pumps, Auxiliary Service Pumps, Heater Drain, Boiler Circulation Pumps, Boiler Feed, Fire Protection Systems and more.

    Lean Production System

    Our single-flow lean manufacturing plants help us reduce wastage and improve efficiency, enabling us to build world-class pumps and components.

    Whether it’s a 10 MW small thermal plant or a gigantic 4000 MW power plant, we can provide you with the best solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Get in touch with our pump experts to find the best pump solutions for power plants.

    Pumps being the most important component of any Thermal Power plant, we understand and implement our deep knowledge of the application and strict quality control procedures are adopted at every stage of Design, Manufacturing and Inspection. Sintech offers pumps for all the major applications including Condensate, Boiler Circulation Pumps, Heater Drain, Boiler feed, Auxiliary systems, Service Water application, Ash Slurry, Fuel oil, Fire protection system and other miscellaneous.

    Pumps for Power Generation Industry

    SCS Pump


    This range provides a higher efficiency with lower maintenance. Development of this new range followed an extensive consultation with major users. This has produced an advanced pump, which provides total reliability and reduced life cycle cost.

    This Pump can be Installed as

    • Horizontal coupled
    • Vertical open coupled
    • Vertical close coupled


    • Improved Hydraulics
    • Stiff Shaft Design
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Increased Component Life with more corrosion allowance
    • Enhanced Performance
    • Increased Efficiency
    • Low Hydraulic Loads


    This series is designed in accordance with ISO 5199 / ISO 2858, making it ideal for Worldwide chemical or industrial process applications.

    Back pull out design permits quick and easy access to rotating parts without disturbing suction and discharge pipes, electric motor, its connections and alignment. The pump is designed to achieve a low NPSH requirement and high efficiency. It is rugged in construction and is versatile in application.


    • Heavy Duty Shaft designed for toughest services.
    • Hydraulically and Mechanically Balanced Impeller
    • Reduced operating cost
    • Versatile shaft seal
    • Robust deep groove ball bearings ensure high operating reliability.
    • High interchangeability ensures fast delivery and low inventory.
    • Environment friendly with Lower noise and vibration levels
    CPS Pump
    SSHQ Pump


    Sintech make Non Clog pumps TYPE-SSHQ are designed to handle slurries with trapped gases, suspended solids and other Viscous liquids. It has three or four vanes semi open type impeller. These pumps are manufactured under strict quality assurance system and are very rigid in construction. Arrangement for back pull out is provided in the design so that rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing piping or the prime mover.


    • Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced
    • Oversized rugged shaft to minimize corrosion
    • Stuffing box easily converted from gland packing to mechanical seal
    • Back pull out frame assembly
    • Heavy-duty bearing for maximum life
    • Oil lubrication

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