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We have the unique ability to repair pumps using our pump reverse engineering expertise, welding, machining, seal repair, and existing parts catalog for a quick, efficient, and cost effective overhaul. Oftentimes, we upgrade materials of construction to increase service life.

Retrofitting and Overhauling Solutions

Retrofit is an economical alternative by making old new again. Retrofit increases the efficiency of pumps. New environmental regulations, tougher competition for more efficient and reliable equipment and technological advances contributed greatly to the popularity of retrofit as a solution to aging pump systems.

Through its retrofit services, Sintech Pumps gives your pump a second life by improving reliability, minimizing costs and adapting performance to changing processes. Sintech provides tailored solutions that add sustainable value to your equipment.

Sintech provide solutions which are applicable on Sintech and 3rd party pumps, performed on virtually any piece of pump regardless of age and available as engineered and standard solutions.


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    Improve Reliability

    Sintech matches duty requirements of your pump to increase component life and reduce maintenance costs, overall improving the availability of the system.

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    Minimize Costs

    Sintech retrofitting & overhauling solutions improves the pump efficiency which is crucial to minimize the operational costs.

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    Maximize Revenue

    Sintech retrofit to re-rate a pump is a cost-effective answer to increasing throughput without the expense and time required to install new equipment.


Repairing and Overhauling Services by Pump Specialists

If you’re like our other pump customers around the world, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the peace of mind and cost savings that come with our industrial pump repair and overhaul service. We specialise in repairing and overhauling the industrial pumps used for purposes such as these:

To solve the most challenging problems, we can even reverse engineer pump repairs too. This involves manufacturing and fitting new parts when original spares are hard to find or impossible to get.

We can also coat the inside of pumps to suit your particular requirements and specifications. And of course, when your overhaul is complete we’ll reinstall and commission the pump. We’ll also align it properly, using modern techniques to ensure efficient running, low component wear and longer service life.


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    Sintech Pumps is an established pump manufacturer and repair company with proven expertise in quality repairs, maintenance, bespoke modifications and equipment upgrades around the world.


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