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Vertical mixed flow Pumps – SVMF

This range of vertical pumps offer widest range of selection depending upon the pumping liquid from clear water to varying degrees of contamination. These pumps are designed to operate at 50Hz or 60 Hz, in single or more than one stage according to head required.
Capacity (Maximum) 44,000 m3/hr
Head (Maximum) 300 mtrs.
Temperature 95°C
Working Pressure 35 kg/cm2
  • Vertical pumps take little space in plan since the liquid in led away to the axis of shaft.
  • The impeller is submerged, so pump does not require to be primed and is always ready for use.
  • The positive suction condition also prevents the cavitation in the pump and pitting in impeller & diffuser.
  • Due to positive head at suction the pump gives its rated performance as well as high overall efficiency,
    Whereas in Horizontal pumps due to losses in suction line, foot valve etc.
  • The rated performance of the pumps is not achieved.
  • General water pumping / conveying used for various industries.
  • Spray and injection water in sugar industry.
  • Cooling tower circulation.
  • Irrigation and drainage for agriculture.
  • Cooling water pumps for power plants.
  • Fire fighting.

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