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5 Ways to Cut Down Costs & Increase Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Posted: 05/03/2021
Category: Wastewater Pump

“Water is the gold of the 21st century.” With the global water crisis increasing exponentially year-on-year, the need for reliable and efficient wastewater treatment plants is more than ever. Desalination and wastewater treatment plants should regularly analyse their equipment’s performance to ensure that it’s offering the maximum results. While wastewater treatment technology has come a long way, inefficient operation is a pressing concern for wastewater treatment plant operators. Outdated water management techniques combined with older pumps can lead to higher operating costs, extended downtime, and reduced output – all of which negatively impact the bottom line. As the leading supplier for pumps used in the water and wastewater industry, Sintech shares five smart ways to enhance wastewater treatment plant’s efficiency, thereby improving outputs and reliability.

#1: Start by conducting a thorough assessment of all equipments

water-pump-manufacturers-in-india Benchmarking is standard practice across all industries. It helps to set and achieve performance targets. With benchmarking, plant managers and plant operators can identify historical trends. This allows them to compare today’s baseline performance and quantify it. It’s a great way to plan the targets for tomorrow and beyond. Wastewater treatment plant operators can use the WRF (Water Resource Foundation’s) self-assessment checklist to analyse their plant’s efficiency and performance. This is a handy tool to identify performance gaps and build strategies to overcome these gaps.

#2: Perform a Pump Audit

water-pump-manufacturers The majority of processes in a wastewater treatment plant or desalination plant involve pumps. The traditional practice, especially in older water treatment plants, is to customise pumps based on the peak plant flow. However, the ground situation is entirely different. The pumps at wastewater plants operate at variable flow, based on system and seasonal demands. As a result, a large number of pumps used in the wastewater industry are oversized. Oversized pumps not only consume more energy but are also inefficient.

#3: Opt for VFDs

pumps-used-in-the-water-and-wastewater Constant speed pumps use more water than required, which leads to energy overconsumption and wasting water. That is why, Sintech, the leading water pump manufacturers in India, recommend Retrofitting wastewater pumps with VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). VFDs adjust the speed of the pump to suit the water supply. They offer the following benefits: Reduce energy consumption Reduce water wastes Avoid pump wear and tear due to a reduction in the number of on-and-off cycles A study by states that using VFDs can reduce the energy use of a pump by as much as 50%. Reduction in energy consumption also helps in saving water.

#4: Install Smart Technology

install-smart-technology Wastewater plants should seek the help of smart technology to enhance efficiency and reduce wastes. Smart metering solutions like auto meter readings can help in real-time monitoring of performance. These intelligent devices gather consumption data and offer real-time diagnosis, thereby eliminating the need for manual metre readings. The gathered information, when combined with data analytics, can help customers better in managing pump operations. Smart metering also helps in making the right decisions based on insights and performance in real-time.

#5: Evaluate the Technology

water-pump-manufacturers-in-us The final step in making wastewater treatment plants more efficient is to do a comprehensive analysis of the technology deployed. A technological audit can help in identifying infrastructure that isn’t operating efficiently. For example, replacing backwash filters with a dual-layer filtration system can help in reducing water consumption.

Sintech – Your Go-To Water Pump Manufacturers in India for High-Quality Wastewater Pumps

Are you looking for a high-quality and reliable wastewater pump that is cost-effective and easy to maintain? Let us help you choose the right pumps used in the water and wastewater industry with our handy checklist. Wastewater plant operators are often presented with a dilemma – should they choose a high-quality pump that costs a bit more initially, or should they settle with a cheap alternative so as to cut down on the costs initially? Whichever way you look at it, spending a few extra thousand rupees to invest in a high-quality wastewater pump can help you cut high operational and repair costs down the line. At Sintech, our pumping solutions for the wastewater industry are rugged, designed to last, and operate for decades without any significant troubles. Here are a few features to look for while selecting/opting for pumps used in the water and wastewater industry. Large impellers that can handle large solid particles present in the wastewater A wear plate that can be replaced without disconnecting the other parts of the pump, like the driver or the piping. A self-cleaning wear plate that can handle stringy materials like twine, wipes, rags and other trash in the water. Easy availability of replaceable spare A suction flap that can be inspected and replaced without disconnecting the suction piping. A burst disc in the flap valve to reduce excess pressure back to the wet well. Double lip seals that can protect the pump bearings in case of seal failures. Safety operation mechanisms that can keep both the pump and operator safe. For industrial wastewater pumps, the selection of pump material is crucial as industrial wastewater can be highly abrasive and aggressive. Always look for pumps in strong materials like cast iron so that they can withstand wear and tear. At Sintech, we have a vast range of wastewater pumps tailored to suit your specific application. Get in touch with our pump experts to find the right wastewater pumping solutions for your specific needs.

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