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3 Ancillary Factors to Consider While Choosing Wastewater Pumps

Posted: 23/01/2021
Category: Wastewater Pump

Are you in the market looking for a new wastewater pump for your industrial facility? Wondering what are the other factors to consider besides the solid waste and sludge handling capacity? Check out this guide from Sintech, the Industrial pump experts in India. This post discusses tips on the other factors to consider while selecting a wastewater pump for your industry or manufacturing plant.

What does a wastewater pump do?

As the name implies, a wastewater pump handles wastewater that comes out of a facility. Unlike traditional water pumps that pump water and other liquids, a wastewater pump has to handle a variety of materials like: Solids Sludge Scum Grit Corrosive materials Small particles that have amalgamated into larger particles And so on. While choosing a wastewater pump, we typically focus on the pump’s ability to handle waste materials of all sizes. Besides these, several other factors play a crucial role in influencing your purchase decision. In this guide, we walk you through these different factors to make an informed decision while choosing wastewater pumps.


centrifugal-pump-manufacturer The altitude at which the pump will be installed plays a crucial role in determining pump output and operation. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the elevation of pump installation, the lower is the suction lift offered by the pump. The altitude doesn’t matter much if you’re installing the pump at sea level. Let’s suppose your operation site is located at higher altitudes. In that case, you need to factor in the NPSHa (Net Positive Suction Head available) calculation to decide the right pump capacity. Besides impacting pump suction lift and output, the altitude also plays a crucial role in determining the pump driver’s selection. At higher altitudes, the air provides less cooling. This causes VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) to be derated at higher altitudes.


best-industrial-pump-exporters-in-india The pumped fluid temperature also determines the operational capability of the pump, along with the texture. The rule of thumb here is that higher temperature liquids have a higher vapour pressure. This reduces the Net Positive Suction Head available. As a result, if you fail to consider the liquid’s temperature, it may cause the pump to cavitate. This is especially true when you’re transporting liquids and fluids at higher temperatures. Cavitation leads to several other disastrous consequences like reduced pump performance, excessive vibration, physical damage to the pump components, and more. All of these drawbacks affect pump operation and reduce pump life significantly.

Flow Rate and Rotative Speed Limitations

centrifugal-pump-manufacturer-and-exporter-in-india The current wastewater pump technology allows for a reliable operation of pumps with NSS (Net Suction Specific Speed) up to 250 in metric units. This maximum operation speed is achievable based on other elements like the range of operation, peripheral eye velocity, materials used for constructing the pump, properties of the pumped liquid, and more. To achieve higher NSS values, pumps are designed with lower NPSH at the same or higher operating speeds. The maximum speed of the pump can be calculated using this formula. n = (Nss * NPSHa0.75)/Q0.50 Here, n = maximum speed of the pump Nss = Net Suction Specific Speed NPSHa = Net Positive Suction Head available Q = Pump rate of flow Make sure to consider these three other factors while deciding the configuration of your wastewater pump. For more information regarding the different types of wastewater treatment pumps, get in touch with our pump experts at Sintech. As the No.1 wastewater pump manufacturer in India, we are the country’s leading authority on pumps for wastewater treatment plants. Our mission is to help customers make informed decisions.  We supply pumps worldwide to industries across sectors. Our friendly team is always ready to help you with your pump doubts and clear all your pump queries. So, get in touch and find more about the best wastewater treatment pumps in India.

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