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All that you Need to Know About Wastewater Pumps – What is it, Types, How to Choose One & More

Posted: 10/12/2019
Category: Wastewater Pump

Water is the elixir of life. Next to air, water is indispensable for humankind. Sadly, it’s one of the fast-depleting natural resources. Water conservation and reusing water is the need of the hour. Though three-fourth of the planet is comprised of water, only a small fraction is available for drinking. Hence, it’s critical to manage this precious and scarce resource effectively. Converting wastewater into usable water is one of the most effective ways to get more out of every drop of water. As the leading wastewater pump manufacturers in India, Sintech offers effective and reliable pumping solutions for wastewater recycling and transport. Whether you’re looking to take in seawater for a desalination plant or transport industrial output water via canals to be reused for irrigation, we offer a wide range of wastewater pumps to meet all requirements.

What is a wastewater pump, and what is it used for?

As the name implies, a wastewater pump is a particular type of water pump that is used to transport wastewater. It can include dewatering pumps, grinder pumps, sewage pumps, and effluent pumps for moving and transporting wastewater and sewage. Generally, wastewater pumps are used to remove wastewater from industrial plants. It’s used in a wide array of industries, including food processing plants, water extraction firms, mining, sugar and metal industries, desalination plants, and more. It’s used in all industries that require the transport of wastewater from one location to another. Since wastewater pumps carry chemically intensive sewage or slurry, it must be expertly designed not to cause damage to the people or planet. The most common type of wastewater pump is the centrifugal pump. Besides centrifugal pumps, the other common types of wastewater pumps include submersible water pumps, positive displacement pumps, circulation pumps, and agitator pumps.

Range of Wastewater Pumps from Sintech

As the No.1 wastewater pump supplier in India, Sintech offers a wide range of sizeable axial flow pumps that can transport up to 35,000 cubic meters of water every hour. Our pumps are trouble-free, minimal maintenance non-clog pumps that can be used for diverse applications. Here’s a closer look at the different wastewater pumps available with us.

1. STF – Torque Flow Pump

stf This pump is suitable for situations where regular stock pumps cannot handle abrasive or slurry liquids. It uses the principle of hydrodynamic liquid coupling with energy transfer to generate the pumping action. The impeller creates a whirlpool inside the casing. This, in turn, does the role of the impeller within the casing.

Salient Features:

  • It can handle liquids with long fibers as well as large solids.
  • The passage is unobstructed due to the large discharge size of the pump.
  • It creates a gentle pumping action without any crystal/flocs damage.
  • It’s a low maintenance pump as there are no small clearances to be maintained. It also doesn’t have any sealing rings on the impeller, thereby reducing maintenance time.
  • It can handle abrasive slurries as well as vulnerable products like crystals, fish, vegetables, etc.
  • It offers vibration-free running due to hydraulically balanced construction.
  • Low chances of leakage.

2. SSHQ – Non-Clog Pumps

sshqIt’s designed to handle slurries with suspended solids (like unscreened juices, liquors, stock, pulp, etc.), trapped gases, and viscous liquids (like crude oil, melt, syrups, etc.). This pump has three or four vanes and is a semi-open type of impeller. Made under stringent quality assurance systems, the non-clog pumps have a robust construction mechanism. The distinguishing feature of this pump is that it has an arrangement for back pull-out. Using this design, pump operators can remove the rotating assembly without disturbing other parts like the prime mover or the piping.

Salient Features:

  • It uses oils for lubrication.
  • It has heavy-duty bearings that offer extended life.
  • Back pull-out frame assembly.
  • It comes with an oversized rugged shaft that minimizes corrosion.
  • It has a semi-open impeller that is hydraulically balanced.
  • The stuffing box of the pump can be easily converted from packing to a mechanical seal.

3. SMF – Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps

smf The SMF series of pumps from Sintech are single-stage centrifugal pumps that are designed for handling contaminated or pure liquids in large volumes. These pumps are guaranteed a long working life, thanks to its robust construction. With low energy consumptions, these pumps are highly efficient.

Salient Features:

  • It can handle abrasive slurries effectively.
  • It has a semi-open impeller, which is hydraulically balanced.
  • Heavy-duty, thereby offering an extended lifespan.
  • It can generate high flows up to 7000 M3.

Which Type of Wastewater Pump works for me?

The type of wastewater pump you choose depends on several factors – application type, objective, usage requirements, volumes, and more. The pump you choose must be able to withstand the corrosion and abrasion caused by slurries. Also, the type of pump depends on where you intend to use it – residential complexes or industrial units.

Experience the Sintech Quality

As leading wastewater pump manufacturers and worldwide suppliers, we invite you to experience our products. We offer a broad range of wastewater pumps and other related equipment. Our expertise also extends to wastewater separation technologies and services for rotating equipment. Here, at Sintech, we provide you with different types of wastewater pumps, which are customized to suit your specific requirements and applications. Our pump experts analyze the volumes of wastewater your generate, the contaminants in the water, and the level of purity required to help you select the ideal pump that minimizes overall operational and maintenance costs while lasting long term. Give us a call at +91-120-4176000 or drop in your queries here, to find the best wastewater pump for your specific project at the most affordable prices.

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