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Sintech Pumps: How to Choose the Right Pump Motor Enclosure for Industrial Application

Posted: 11/10/2018
Category: Industrial Pumps , Pumps

One of the most common questions that we receive here at Sintech Pumps – centrifugal water pump manufacturers is about Motor Enclosures. Both pump maintenance engineers and mechanics aren’t sure of the right type of enclosure to choose for their specific application. They know that motor enclosures are essential and the right one plays an important role in extending the life of their pumps. But, what they aren’t sure of is the right type of enclosure to choose for their industrial pump systems. Here, in this blog post, we take a closer look at motor enclosures. We hope by the time, you finish reading this article; you can find the right one for your pump. What is a Pump Motor Enclosure? All electric motors have an enclosure (or housing) that holds the working components. This enclosure is essential for the efficient functioning of the pump. It not only prevents dust, dirt, water and other foreign objects from entering the motor but also protects pump operators from accidents. The pump motor enclosure protects the vital internal components like bearings, windings and other mechanical parts from mechanical damage, chemical damage, moisture,and abrasion. Choosing the wrong motor enclosure can lead to potential failure of the entire pump system. Coming to the big question, Which motor enclosure is right for my pump system? There are plenty of options when it comes to motor enclosures. And, to add to the confusion, motor enclosures are often identified using confusing acronyms like TEWD, TENV, ODP and more. Worry not, here we describe the common types of motor enclosures and help you pick the right one. 7 Commonly Used Pump Motor Enclosures:

  1. Open Drip Proof (ODP)
This enclosure allows air to circulatearoundthe motor. Pros:
  • Prevents drop of liquid from entering the motor
  • Circulates air through the windings, that lets the motor cool down
  • Works only for liquids falling from a 15◦ vertical angle.
  • Generally used for indoor pumps that operate in a relatively dry and clean location.
  1. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
This enclosure prevents air from entering inside the frame. However, it does not make the frame entirely airtight. Pros:
  • A fan attached to the shaft pushes air above the frame, thereby helping to cool the motor.
  • It’s the most versatile enclosure.
  • Used on all types of fans, pumps, compressors, industrial belt drives,and other connected equipment.
  1. Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV)
As the name implies, this enclosure is completely closed and doesn’t offer any ventilation. Rather, it uses convention to cool down. Pros:
  • No vents, but the tightly enclosed space prevents the free exchange of air.
  • Not airtight.
  • Used for pumps that are exposed to dampness and dirt. But not suitable for extremely moist locations.
  1. Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO)
Here, the motor is mounted within the airflow range of the fan to enable cooling. Applications:
  • Used for blower duty motors, belt driven fans or shaft mounted fans.
  1. Totally Enclosed Wash Down (TEWD)
  • Can be used in extremely moist and chemical environments.
  • Can withstand high-pressure wash-downs in wet and high humidity environments.
  • Not suited for hazardous or explosive locations.
Applications: Suitable for applications where the motors are exposed to wash downs at high pressure. Generally used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing,and packaging.
  1. Explosion Proof Enclosures (EXPL)
This is a totally enclosed enclosure that can withstand explosions. They are specifically designed for use in hazardous environments that contains gases and dust. Pros:
  • It’s designed to withstand accidental explosions.
  • For safe operation, the maximum operating temperature of the motor must be maintained below the ignition point of the surrounding vapors and explosive gases.
Applications: Suitable for hazardous environments like the oil industry, chemical plants, wood and plastic processing and even for agriculture.
  1. Weather Protected Enclosures – Type I and Type II
As the name implies, this enclosure protects the motor from debris, rain, dust and other environmental factors. Applications:
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
Sintech Pumps is here to Help If you aren’t sure which motor enclosure to pick for your pump, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our pump experts here at Sintech, India’s leading industrial pump manufacturer and exporter. Our team will help you choose the right enclosure to protect your motor while improving performance and reliability.

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