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Paradigm Shift towards Solar-Powered Centrifugal Pumps for Agriculture

Posted: 07/10/2020
Category: centrifugal Pumps

Unpredictable weather patterns, changing monsoon patterns, climate change, and desertification are significant challenges faced by farmers today. Today, farmers in many countries do not have access to proper irrigation facilities. Adding to their woes is the increasing cost of electricity or lack of access to the electricity grid. Due to these problems, solar pumps are emerging as a pivotal solution to help farmers meet their irrigation needs. We are at a crucial juncture. Developed EU nations and developing countries in Asia and Africa also realize the vital role of solar power. Solar power is not only harnessed for supplying electricity to residences but are also increasingly used for agriculture. Solar-powered centrifugal pumps play a crucial role in promoting agriculture in India, Asia, Africa, and other emerging economies.

Quick Introduction to Solar Water Pumps and its Types

solar-powered-centrifugal-pumps Solar pumps offer a clean, energy-efficient, and simple alternative to fuel-driven and electric pump sets. They are eco-friendly and can help in boosting agricultural productivity significantly. Even though 40% of the global population depends on agriculture for its primary source of income, access to water is one of the perennial problems for many farmers. Solar water pumps can help streamline irrigation in India’s hinterlands, thereby improving agricultural productivity and millions of farmers’ livelihood across the country.

Key Components of a Solar Pump

The working of a solar water pump is simple and very similar to regular pumps. The solar pumping system includes the following key components: PV array (Photovoltaic cells) A pump And an electric motor They can be either DC (Direct Current) or AC (Alternating Current), depending on the motor’s ability.

Types of Solar Pumps

Solar pumping systems can be classified into two types – positive displacement pumps and rotating pumps. Centrifugal solar pumps are the most common and are used for fixed head applications. The output of a centrifugal pump is proportional to the speed of rotation. Solar pumps can also be classified as surface and submersible pumps, depending on where it is placed. Submersible pumps are positioned below the waterline while surface pumps are above the waterline. solar-powered-centrifugal-pumps-suppliers-in-india Representation of the Positioning of a Submersible Solar Pump and a Surface Solar Pump. Image Source: Solar Magazine Reasons why Solar Pumps have emerged as the Ideal Solution to Boost Agricultural Productivity Eco-friendly Solar Water Pumps are 100% eco-friendly. They provide a clean alternative to fuel-driven pumps. It doesn’t rely on the power grids or fossil fuels to pump water from below the ground. Cost-efficiency even in Remote Areas One of the biggest challenges faced by farmers is the lack of access to electricity in remote areas. And, even if electricity is available, it’s expensive. Besides the initial costs, solar water pumps have extremely low operating prices. Additionally, they can be easily transported and relocated, making solar water pumping systems an ideal choice for all regions, including remote and inaccessible zones.

Solar Pumps – The Future of Water Pumps not just in Agriculture but across all Sectors

In recent years, energy efficiency is a much-debated topic across the world. Everyone from governments, corporations, individuals, and pump manufacturers is working on making energy consumption sustainable for the future. The best pump manufacturers in India and worldwide are adding sustainable design features to their range of pumps. From being an experimental choice, today solar powered centrifugal pumps are used on a large scale not just in developed countries but also in developing nations. However, the one roadblock that prevents the emergence of solar-powered pumps in the mainstream is their high initial cost price. This has led to the development of second-generation solar-powered pumps that are efficient and cost-effective. Continuous reduction in the price of solar cells further contributes to the growth of solar-powered pumps. The agriculture industry is one of the first sectors to adopt solar powered centrifugal pumps. However, solar pump usage has now spread to other industries like – wastewater treatment plants, chemical industries, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and several others. Energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental concerns are the three main reasons accelerating the growth and usage of solar-powered pumps in India. If you’re looking for the best solar powered industrial pumps, reach out to Sintech, India’s leading manufacturer of industrial pumps for all sectors. Powered by technology and smart design, Sintech pumps are a class apart. Get in touch with our sales team to find the right industrial pump solution for your needs.

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