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The Role of Fluid Temperature in Impacting the Performance of Centrifugal Pumps

Posted: 20/07/2021
Category: centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are one of the most popular and frequently used industrial pumps in India. The rotary motion of the pump generates a centrifugal force that discharges fluids. They are used in a variety of industrial applications like the oil and gas industry, sugar industry, paper mills, chemical processing, and many others.

Centrifugal pumps offer various benefits like efficiency, durability, flexibility, and can operate efficiently in low-output pressure and high-volume situations. They are highly energy-efficient and can handle different flow rates.

There are several factors that impact the performance of a centrifugal pump. They are:

  • The viscosity of the fluid
  • Specific density of the fluid
  • NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) and cavitation
  • Vapour pressure of the fluid
  • Temperature of the fluid

In this post, we take a look at how the temperature of the pumped fluid impacts the performance of a centrifugal pump.

The Role of Temperature in Pump Selection


The temperature range of the fluid that will be pumped plays a crucial role in pump selection. The temperature doesn’t just determine the type of pump to install but also determines the pump components that you need. Here are a few questions that you have to keep in mind, while selecting centrifugal pumps:

  • How hot or cold is the pumped fluid?
  • What are the specific temperature requirements for this operation?
  • Will the pump generate extra heat during operation?

You need to have the answers for these questions to help you find the perfect pump for your needs. You can also get the help of our sales experts at Sintech, the best pump dealers in India. We can guide you on the right pump selection that offers the best choice for your industrial needs.

Here’s a Quick Recap on Temperature in Industrial Operations:


Starting from the very basics, temperature is a measure of the heat in a liquid, solid, or gas. Temperature is measured in two scales:

  • Centigrade and
  • Fahrenheit

The freezing point of water in the Centigrade scale is 0°C whereas in the Fahrenheit scale it is 32°F. The boiling point of water is 100°C or 212°F. The Celsius scale and Fahrenheit scale converge at –40. This means -40°C is equal to -40°F.

Besides these two temperature scales, there are two other temperature scales, that are not so popular. They are:

  • Kelvin Scale – Freezing point of water in the Kelvin scale is 273.2 K and the boiling point of water in the Kelvin scale is 373.2K.
  • Reaumur Scale – This temperature scale is used in a few European countries. In this scale, the freezing point of water is 0°Re and the boiling point of water is 80°Re

The Impact of Temperature on the Operating Pressure of the Pump


The temperature and pressure are two crucial elements impacting the pump operation. For example, pumping fluids at high temperatures require extra features like special seals, additional gasketing and more. In the pump system, the temperature impacts the operational stability of the pump, the efficiency of various pump components as well as the pressure generated in the system.

Call Sintech to Talk about your Pump Needs

Understanding the impact of the fluid temperature on the pump efficiency can be overwhelming. Worry not! This is why, we are here to help you out! Our experienced team delivers pumps of various configurations to numerous industries across the world. Whether you require help in finding the right pumps for your industrial needs or need help troubleshooting the problems with an existing pump, we can help.

As the best pump dealers in India, we have supplied thousands of centrifugal pumps in various sizes to industries in India and worldwide. Get in touch with our team to know more about our business and how we can help you find the ideal centrifugal pumps for your system.

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