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Are you facing troubles with your vertical multistage pump? Check out this simple Guide

Posted: 31/03/2021
Category: Pump Maintenance

Troubleshooting Guide for Vertical Multistage Pumps

Vertical multistage pumps are built to last. When installed correctly, these pumps run for years without any issues. The actual life of your pump depends on several variables including:
Type of the liquid pumped
The temperature of the pumped liquid
Application type
No. of times the pump starts and stops
Pump operating speed and more

While vertical multistage pumps are workhorses, there comes a time in the pump’s life when troubles begin to crop up. Identifying the underlying trouble before it snowballs into a major issue is crucial to ensure consistent pump operation.
In this guide from Sintech, one of the best vertical multistage pump manufacturers in India, we highlight the common troubles faced by vertical multistage pumps and how to resolve them.
First things first,

Why should you learn to troubleshoot vertical multistage pumps?
Irrespective of the type of industry, pumps occupy the center stage in major industrial applications. Pump breakdown or unplanned downtime can cause the entire operation to come to a standstill. It not only interrupts the regular operational schedule but is also costly. Hence, it’s critical that your pump operators identify trouble in the bud and nip it before it becomes a major critical issue.

How to identify vertical multistage pump troubles?
Each pump has a signature mode of operation – its own characteristic vibrations and sounds. Think of it like a distinct trademark of your pump. Once you know what is normal for your pump, you can quickly spot excessive vibrations.
Increased or inconsistent vibrations are one of the major signs of pump troubles.
Other signs to look for include:
  • Excessive leakage
  • Decreased flow rate
  • Strange noises

If you notice any of these signs, then you can be sure of an impending pump breakdown. Other signs that are not evident on the outside include:
Loose impellers
Worn out parts
Corrosion or abrasion of pump parts

To identify these issues, you need to disassemble the pump and look inside. While it’s not possible to cover all vertical pump troubleshooting signs in this guide, we’ll cover the most common signs so that you can identify and rectify an impending issue as early as possible.

Common Reasons why your Vertical Multistage Pump is not working as Intended and Possible Causes
Vertical Multistage Pump – Troubleshooting Guide

Issue-Insufficient pressure
Possible Causes
Loose impeller
Plugged (blocked) impeller
Worn rings
Air entrainment in the pump
Wrong rotation
Bowl castings
Leaking column joints

Issue-Slow pump operation speed
Possible Causes
Voltage fluctuations

Issue-No liquid delivered at the outlet
Possible Causes
Broken pump suction
Closed suction valve
Wrong rotation
Broken or unscrewed shaft
Loose impeller
Clogged strainer

Issue-Insufficient pump capacity
Possible Causes
Loose impeller
Partially plugged impeller
Leaking joints
Partially clogged strainer
Low water level
Throttled suction valve
Low water level

Issue-The pump uses too much power
Possible Causes
High operational speed
Improper impeller adjustment
Misaligned or bent shaft
Too heavy lubricating oil
Sand, silt, or foreign material lodged in the pump

Issue-Pump makes an excessive or abnormal noise
Possible Causes
Bearings run dry
Broken shaft
Foreign material lodged in the pump
Pump cavitation
Impellers dragging on the pump bowl

Issue-Excessive Vibration
Possible Causes
Imbalance in the motor
Incorrectly balanced motor bearings
Misalignment of the pump
Bent shafts
Misalignment of the discharge head
Vortex problems in the sump
Clogged impellers
Foreign materials lodged in the pump

*Note that some of these possible causes are repeated across various issues. So, finding the right reason for your issue can be quite tricky.

Sintech – Your Trusted Vertical Multistage Pump Manufacturer in India

As one of the leading vertical pumps manufacturers in India, we also offer extensive troubleshooting service to all our customers. If you require any further guidance on how to identify the issues with your existing pumps, get in touch with our pump experts and we can help you out. We supply our pumps all over the world. We also offer extensive pump service and spare parts for the pumps we supply across the globe.

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