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Sintech – Your Trusted Partner for Pumps for the Sugar Industry

Posted: 19/02/2021
Category: Industrial Pumps

Among the various agriculture-food processing sectors, the sugar industry is one of the most critical sectors. After all, a world without sugar indeed lacks happiness. Around 145 million tonnes of sugar is produced annually across the world. With annual consumption increasing by 2 million tonnes every year, there is a strong demand for increased sugar cultivation and processing globally.

Quick Overview of the Sugar Production Process

sugar-industry-pumps Sugar production starts with the extraction of raw juice from sugarcanes. The cane is cleaned by passing it on conveyor belts under powerful jets of warm water. The cleaning process removes soil, leaves, rock particles and other dirt and dust from the cane. If sugar beets are used, then the tuber is chopped before juice extraction. Juice extraction is the process of extracting juice from the cleaned cane and beets by pressing, shredding and cutting it with roller mills. The extracted juice is dark green and has a slightly acidic tang. This juice needs to be further processed before it can be converted into sugar crystals. The leftover sugarcane after juice extraction is known as bagasse. It’s sent to paper mills or used as fuel for power generation. The extracted juice is then treated with milk of lime and heated to remove acidity. It’s heated further to remove any sediments. The clear juice with the sediments removed moves to the evaporation stage. It is bleached with sulphur dioxide and moved to vacuum pans for crystallisation. The molasses is passed through a centrifuge to separate the sugar crystals. The molasses undergoes further refining to extract all sugar crystals completely. The final molasses is then sent to distilleries. The sugar crystals separated from the molasses are then cut to the desired size with the help of crystallisers. The sugar crystals are then dried, bagged and sent to storage houses, from where it goes for packaging for commercial use.

The Key Role of Pumps in the Sugar Industry

sugar-industry-pumps-in-india Whether sugar is extracted from sugarcane or sugar beets, producing sugar is highly complex and involves several stages. The pulpy juice extracted from sugarcane is condensed and converted into molasses. The molasses are then treated with extremely hot water and steam to remove sugar. Sugar mills are reliant on high-efficiency pumps at every stage. The most common uses of pumps in the sugar industry involve liquid transfers, fly ash removal and molasses displacement.

Sintech – Global Market Leader in Production of Pumps for the Sugar Industry

sugar-industry-in-india As a market leader in industrial pumps, Sintech has been at the forefront of supplying pumps to the sugar industry in India for over three decades. Our pumps are used for the various sugar refining processes, from juicing to extractions. Sintech Pumps are designed to handle challenging and highly viscous fluids like thick juice, sugar syrups, molasses, massecuite, magma, mud and more. Our pumps are equipped to handle the high challenges of the sugar industry by offering high-efficiency, long-lasting pumps with low maintenance and minimal downtime. Our pumps are used for various sugar refining processes like: Carbonation Evaporation Recovery Crystallisation Separation Storage Transfer Tanker loading With constant innovations and modern technology, our pumps are designed to offer high-efficiency and the best life. We offer a wide range of customised pumps for the sugar processing industry.  Whether you’re looking for hard-metal slurry pumps, boiler feed pumps, magnetic drive pumps, standard process pumps, water supply and wastewater handling pumps, we’ve got the best solutions for your specific needs. Here are a few reasons to choose Sintech for Pumps for the Sugar Industry: Experience with more than 650 sugar factories worldwide Customised and tailor-made pumps for every application in sugar processing Experience handling sugar plants as small as 5000 TCD and large as 24,000 TCD Best after-sales support – any issue resolved within 24 hours in India and 78 hours worldwide Free training on pump usage, maintenance and handling for pump operators

Pick the Perfect Pump for the Sugar Industry with Sintech

pumps-for-sugar-industry Whether you’re looking for pumps to handle abrasive slurries, fibrous solids, viscous fluids or high-temperature liquids – you can trust Sintech to provide you with a reliable pumping solution. Our wide range of pumps for the sugar industry includes torque flow pump, dynamic sealed pump, UMHQ pumps, and more. With hundreds of pumps supplied for sugar plants in India and overseas, we assure you of efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Looking for more information on customised pumps for the sugar industry in India? Get in touch with our engineering or sales support team to help you choose the right pumps for your specific needs.

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