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What are High-Pressure Pumps, and Where are they used?

Posted: 15/11/2019
Category: Industrial Pumps

Though rarely seen in everyday life, high-pressure pumps play a key role in a wide range of industrial applications. At Sintech, leading water pump suppliers in India, we have a wide range of high-pressure pumps suitable for various industrial applications. Using our decades of experience in the industry, we have developed modern high-pressure pumps that are the right choice for various critical applications. Our pumps make use of axial piston pump technology to provide the benefits of positive displacement pumps at applications that require high-pressure. As the best pump manufacturers in India, we invest in cutting-edge R&D and best-in-class quality systems. Coupled with our robust manufacturing, worldwide distribution, and service networks, we help our customers get the best of pump technology. Here, in this week’s guide from Sintech, the most trusted pump manufacturing company in India, we give you all that you need to know about high-pressure pumps – the unsung heroes of industries.

What are High-Pressure Pumps?

high-pressure-pumps Sintech high-pressure pumps are 2:1 ratio pumps that are suited for applications that require high pressure in the range of 100 PSI or more. Regular pumps are insufficient to handle such high pressure working environments; hence, the need for high-pressure pumps. The flow rate is roughly half of the pump output, hence the ratio 2:1.

High-Pressure Pumps – The Working

Our range of high-pressure pumps makes use of special cylinder-piston units that are linearly extensible and come with sleeved pistons. Our piston units are specially designed to perform well in high-pressure environments. The piston head is attached to an integral elastomeric sleeve and is firmly attached to the cylinder unit. It is hermetically sealed and is enclosed by the sleeved pistons. Both the head and the sleeve of the piston work longitudinally in the cylinder. The sleeve follows the stroke of the piston. This generates a high pumping action in the pressure chamber. Additionally, our pumps use a lubrication film and a hydrodynamic bearing system, which reduces wear and tear, while providing high-load bearing capacity. All bearing points in the pump are force-lubricated, which ensures the wear-free operation of the entire unit.

Top Applications of High-Pressure Pumps

Our high-pressure pumps are used in various applications across industries. Here, we list out the major uses of these pumps in various industries:

Non-Ferrous Metal / Steel Industry

  • High-pressure descaling with water
  • Hydraulic drive systems
  • Hydraulic roll adjustments are driven by water hydraulics
  • Water hydraulic systems for extrusion presses and forging presses
  • Roll cleaning with demineralized water


  • Hydraulic drilling
  • Dust suppression with mined water
  • Powered roof support for hydraulics
  • Hydraulic drilling

Automotive Industry

  • Hydroforming
  • As Fuel injector test systems in nozzles

For High-Pressure Cleaning Applications

  • Barrel and IBC cleaning
  • In sewage cleaning trucks

Abrasive Fluids

  • Cleaning using abrasive fluids
  • In the paper industry for spray coating
  • For handling High Abrasive Loaded Fluids in various industries

Other Applications include:

  • For water supply in high altitudes
  • For hydroentanglement in non-woven industry
  • For handling high-pressure tanks
  • Offshore mining applications
  • MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) and Methanol injection
  • Boiler feed pump for power generation
  • Descaling and desalination pumps

Advantages of High-Pressure Pumps from Sintech

Features of our Pumps Customer Benefits
Simple, piston set-ups that are arranged radially Since our pumps have fewer parts, it leads to low wear and tear, thereby longer life.
Replaceable modular design Easy and low maintenance
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump housing
Integrated forced lubrication High dirt tolerance
High operational reliability No leakage
Radially positioned pistons that move harmonically Minimal stress on the system, thereby reducing wear and tear
The pump is directly coupled to the electric motor, with no gearbox Reduces space requirements
Compact and lightweight design Fewer moving parts, which translates to longer operating life

How to maintain high-pressure pumps from Sintech?

Our modular pump design concept ensures that you can complete the maintenance of your high-pressure industrial pumps in no time. Regular preventive maintenance ensures that your pumps last for years to come, without any problems. Also, since it has lesser moving parts, it eliminates the need for wear and tear, thereby increasing pump operating life. Regular maintenance can be quickly done without any additional lifting or hoisting.

What are the fluids that can be pumped by high-pressure pumps?

  • High-pressure pumps can handle all types of industrial water – drinking water, seawater, mine water, demineralized water, descaling water, etc.
  • HALF Fluids (High Abrasive Loaded Fluids)
  • Organic compounds like glycol, methanol, n-heptanes, testing fuel, etc.
  • Cleaning solutions – both acidic and alkaline
  • Conventional hydraulic fluids
If you need high-pressure pumps that can handle other fluids not mentioned in this list, get in touch with our pump experts to know more.

Talk to our Pump Experts Today

Just specify your requirements, and our team will help you find the right type of high-pressure pumps for your application. As the leading industrial and chemical pump manufacturers and exporters in India, we offer a wide range of pumps suiting all applications. Connect with us to know more.

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