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Would it be a good idea for you to Buy: An Expensive, High-Quality Pump, or a Mediocre, Less Efficient Pump?

Posted: 03/09/2020
Category: Industrial Pumps

At Sintech, we have always believed that it’s worth to pay more initially to purchase a high-quality pump than to save a few bucks on a cheap pump and suffer the consequences later on. A high-efficiency pump may cost more initially. However, the overall lifecycle cost of a high-quality pump is way lesser than that of a cheap pump. Focussing on the initial cost of the pump alone makes you miss the bigger picture. Take a look at the various components of the lifecycle cost of an industrial pump. As you can see from the chart, the significant expenses incurred by a pump during its lifetime are energy expenses and maintenance costs with account for 40% and 25% appropriately. cycle-cost-of-industrial-pump Investing in an energy-efficient pump will help you reduce your overall pump expenditures significantly. Similarly, a high-quality pump runs for years to come without requiring extensive maintenance and frequent repairs. This reduces the overall maintenance cost as well. Let’s explain our hypothesis with an example. Let’s compare two pumps A and B. Pump A is of high-quality and comes with an initial purchase and installation cost of Rs. 1 lakh. Pump B, on the other hand, comes with a cheaper price tag of Rs. 50,000. But, Pump A is energy-efficient. The annual electricity charges for it are around Rs. 50,000, and the maintenance bill is just Rs. 10,000 annually. Pump B, on the other hand, is not energy-efficient and runs up an electricity bill worth Rs. 80,000 annually. Additionally, Pump B requires frequent repairs, and the annual maintenance bill comes to Rs. 30,000. Now, let’s compare the overall costs of both these pumps:

Pump Expenditure Pump A Pump B
Initial Purchase Rs. 1,00,000 Rs. 50,000
Year 1 – Operational Costs Rs. 60,000 Rs. 1,10,000
Year 2 – Operational Costs Rs. 65,000 Rs. 1,20,000
Year 3 – Operational Costs Rs. 70,000 Rs. 1,30,000
Overall Expenditure Rs. 2,95,000 Rs. 4,10,000
As you can see, though Pump A costs twice as much as Pump B the overall costs associated with Pump A are far lesser than that of Pump B. We can conclusively state that it’s much less expensive to buy a high-quality pump in the long run. A high-quality pump’s overall cost is far lesser than purchasing two or three cheaper pumps and spending more on repairs, energy bills, and maintenance. Less-expensive pumps come with a lower price tag since they are made of low-quality materials. These materials do not come with a guarantee and are likely to require extensive repairs and frequent maintenance.

Investing in a High-Quality, More Energy-Efficient Pump is Worth It in the Long Run

At Sintech, our industrial pumps are made of the best materials, subject to world-class design specifications. Our pump designs are the best globally, helping you reduce your energy bills and limit pump downtime. Furthermore, our pumps are designed for continuous use in the most demanding conditions. Even if you run your pump 24 x 7 for weeks on end, our pumps offer you the best results. Whether you’re purchasing a small submersible water pump or investing in a large centrifugal pump, it’s always worth it to buy a high-quality pump and get it right the first time. To learn more about our industrial pumps range, give us a ring at +91 120 417 6000 or drop in a line. Sintech pumps leading one of the best pump manufacturers in India.

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