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Sintech – The Global Leader in Industrial Pumps

Posted: 07/01/2020
Category: Industrial Pumps

Sintech Pumps are Industrial Pump Specialists in India for over three decades. Our range of industrial pumps is used for several applications across industries in India and overseas. Technically speaking, industrial pumps are more heavy-duty pumps compared to regular household usage water pumps. They are used to move different types of products like water, petroleum, chemicals, slurry, sludge, oil, food, and wastewater. Generally speaking, pumps that are used for industries are of two common types:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps
As India’s No.1 Industrial Water Pump Solution Manufacturer and Supplier, Sintech has a vast inventory of industrial pumps to suit various applications. Check out our industrial pumps range page for a complete list of industrial pumps sold by Sintech. You can also drop in an email at for inquiries and product queries.

Types of Industrial Pumps

Besides the two common types of industrial pumps, there are several other types of pumps to suit specific applications. Each type offers several benefits that are not available with other types of pumps. As experts in Industrial pumps and rotating equipment since 1986, Sintech offers an easy-to-read guide. You can refer to this handy guide to understand the different types of industrial pumps and their advantages.

Industrial Pump Types – Handy Guide
Pump Type Advantages
Centrifugal Pumps Ideal for liquids with lower viscosity and higher flow rates.
ANSI Process Pumps These pumps are standardized, which means you can finish the foundation, piping, and design before purchasing the pump. ANSI process pumps are available in various materials.
API Process Pumps It meets API safety and reliability requirements. Ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
Axial Flow Pumps The ideal choice for achieving high flow rates at very low heads.
Booster Pumps As the name implies, these are additional pumps used in conjunction with the main pump. It allows for additional pressure to be built to move liquids over long distances.
Piston Pumps The ideal choice for applications that require displacing abrasive liquids.
Progressive Cavity Pumps It can effectively handle liquids that are not suitable for all other types of industrial pumps. It’s often referred to as the pump of last resort.
Screw Pumps It offers the maximum flow rate of all types of positive displacement pumps.
Gear Pumps It’s the ideal choice for applications that use clean oil. It has a simple construction with minimal moving parts.
Lobe Pumps The ideal choice for sanitary applications that move liquids containing fragile solids or highly viscous liquids. The displaced liquid has no metal-to-metal contact inside the pump.
Diaphragm Pumps It’s one of the most versatile pumps and suits a wide array of applications. It’s a no-seal pump that can run dry without causing damage to its components.
Vertical Sump Pumps A cost-effective and affordable industrial pump.
Vertical Turbine Pumps The ideal choice for bores and deep wells.
Submersible Pumps The ideal choice for applications that are prone to flooding. Submersible pumps eliminate the need for shafts and bearings.
Self-priming Pumps As the name implies, these pumps are self-priming, eliminating the need for external priming.
Multi-stage Pumps It involves multiple centrifugal pumps, thereby achieving high pressure at lower thrust loads.
Magnetic Drive Pumps These pumps have a leak-free design and no mechanical seals.
Horizontal Split Case Pumps It helps in achieving higher flow rates when compared to end-suction pumps and do not cavitate.

Why Choose Sintech for Industrial Pump Solutions?

When customers purchase from Sintech, they are assured of a high-quality product that is reliable and efficient. We don’t just stop with selling you the best industrial pump, but we also offer extended after-sales support and service. The impeccable trust in the quality of our products is the foundation of our brand’s success for the last 30+ years. Sintech has the advantage of being the leading industrial pump manufacturer and supplier in India and overseas. Sintech doesn’t just offer off-the-shelf pumps, but we also customize our products and solutions to suit your specific requirements. Sintech prides itself on offering a global approach to after-market services. Irrespective of whether you’re using the pump in India, rest of Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas, our global team of service experts continue to provide you with the right support all across the world. Finally, our engineers are our biggest asset. They have an incredible array of experience and expertise that enables them to meet customer requirements effectively. We also provide added value to our customers by offering end-to-end solutions.

Need help finding the Best Industrial Pump for your application?

You can find a complete list of the industrial pumps from Sintech by clicking here. If you need further assistance on choosing the best industrial pump for your application, feel free to reach out to us at +91 120 4176000 or contact us online.

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