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5 Tips to Select the Best Pump Supplier in India for your Industrial Pump Requirements

Posted: 29/11/2019
Category: Industrial Pumps

Industrial pump solutions play a crucial role in determining the output of your industry. The wrong pump can break the entire process – halting operations, leading to significant downtime, costly repairs and replacement, and more. Here, in this guide, we help you locate the best industrial pump supplier in India. Tip #1: Ask Around or Check Online Reviews pump-manufacturing-company-review This is the starting point. Do you know other industrialists in your niche or similar areas? You can check with them to get a list of pump suppliers they rely on. Alternatively, you can use the internet to zero in on industrial pump solutions from the best pump dealers in India. Make sure to check Google reviews and other unbiased review sites to get a shortlist of pump suppliers. Tip #2: Check the Product Catalogue Product-Catalogue The next step is to check the product catalogue of the shortlisted pump suppliers. Check if they provide pumps that meet your requirements. Go through your list of requirements, and see if the supplier has pumps that fit these criteria. Tip #3: Consider Quality Certifications You need to find the right industrial pump supplier who offers you high-quality products that last for years to come, without any troubles. Look for quality certifications like ISO 2858, DIN 24255, HIS, IS – 1520, IS – 5120, and testing certifications like ISO – 2548, API – 610, and IS – 9137. Tip #4: Easily Accessible Your relationship with the supplier doesn’t end with the purchase. You may have to get in touch with the supplier for replacement parts, and other pump services down the line. Make sure to look for a supplier who is easily accessible via different communication channels like email, online chat, and telephone. Tip #5: Finally, Compare Costs While the budget plays a crucial role in the selection process, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding criterion. Make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of purchase by choosing a pump supplier who offers you the lowest price. Now that you’re aware of the tips to select the best industrial pump suppliers in India let’s take a look at the reasons why Sintech is the No.1 choice for industrial pump solutions in the country. #1: Local Experience Combined with International Manufacturing Standards Headquartered in Noida, our extensive local knowledge, our decades of experience, and our growing global footprint set us apart. Whether you’re looking for industrial pumps for unique conditions or pumps that operate in extreme conditions, our team will help you find the best solutions that are cost-effective and long-lasting. With years of experience supplying pumps across industries, we help you find the best solutions that meet all your requirements. #2: Our commitment to Cost-Effective Solutions At Sintech, we ensure that our pumps are manufactured to global standards. We promise to deliver pumps that are cost-effective in the long run and work for years to come without any troubles. Our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have purchased pumps that are reliable and made in accordance with international standards. #3: Our wide Range of Products At Sintech, we offer pumps across a wide range of industries like – mining, food processing, paper manufacturing, chemical industries, steel industry, power plants, sugar industry, desalination, wastewater, and irrigation. Apart from standard pumps, we can also manufacture customized pumps to meet your specific industrial requirements. #4: Our Focus on Sustainability With a focus on sustainability, we ensure that our pumps are manufactured without damaging the environment. Also, when you purchase a Sintech pump, you can be assured that your pump will last for years to come, thereby avoiding frequent repairs and replacements, all of which harm the environment. #5: Our Added Value to Clients Not just sales, we also offer on-site expert training if required. We also help clients partner with us by becoming our distributors. Find out how Sintech meets your industrial needs by writing to us at or give us a ring at +91 12- 417 6000.

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