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Sintech Pump Spotlight: The Role of our Centrifugal Pumps in Desalination

Posted: 01/11/2020
Category: Desalination Plants

The global water crisis reaches new peaks with every passing year. Governments and corporations spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to solve the deepening water crisis. Even today, millions of people worldwide do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Here are a few numbers to highlight the intensity of the problem: 80% of wastewater is not recycled or treated 844 million people do not have access to clean, drinkable water Nearly 3.5 million people die every year because of inadequate water supply or due to water-borne diseases from unsafe water Climate change plays a huge role in accelerating the global water crisis. Today, it’s not just the quantity of water but also water quality that has taken a huge hit. Several Third World countries have already exhausted their scarce groundwater supply. In many developing nations, water quality is of poor quality due to an increase in the concentration of pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, and pollution. 97% of the water available on our planet is saltwater. The average salt content in seawater is 3.5% – making it unfit for human consumption. Due to the uneven distribution of freshwater and the deepening water crisis, desalination has gained enormous value and demand in the last couple of years.

Desalination & Water Treatment Plants: The Need of the Hour

centrifugal-water-desalination-pumps-suppliers-in-india According to the WHO, we need to start reusing water to meet growing residential and industrial needs. The WHO states that every dollar we spend on treating wastewater and saltwater, we enjoy an increase in income that is 4x times – 4 dollars. Providing people with access to clean and drinking water not only vastly improves their health but also boosts the economy significantly. Hence, water treatment is the need of the hour – from a health perspective and an economic perspective. Desalination is an age-old process that has evolved to meet the needs of the modern world. Seawater has a high concentration of salts – sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese sulphate, magnesium bromide, and others – that make it unfit for agriculture or industrial needs. Desalination is the process of converting seawater into usable water.

The Role of Centrifugal Pumps in Desalination

centrifugal-water-desalination-pump-in-india Centrifugal pumps play a crucial role in reverse osmosis – an essential technique used in desalination plants. Seawater is collected viaducts from the seafloor. The collected water is filtered to remove macroparticles. The water from the seabed is lifted up to the desalinator by using lifting pumps. The first set of pumps push the seawater through the three primary stages of purification. Once the primary purification is completed, a multistage desalination pump increases the water pressure. It moves the seawater to the membrane filter – the critical filter responsible for carrying out reverse osmosis. The high salt concentration in seawater combined with the high pressure generated by the pump allows us to trap the salt molecules inside the membrane. The water that comes out on the other side is purified and fit for various needs like agriculture, industrial, and even drinking.

Sintech – The No.1 Supplier of Pumps for Desalination Plants

desalination-pumps-in-india Sintech’s range of desalination pumps plays a crucial role in converting saltwater to potable water for industrial, irrigation, and other urban needs.  We offer a complete pump portfolio for efficient and economic desalination. Besides supplying the pumps, we also provide extensive after-sales technical support for our clients to get the maximum value out of their pumps. Sintech is the leading supplier of centrifugal water desalination pumps in India and overseas. Our centrifugal pumps are the perfect choice for desalination applications using RO technology. Besides providing the critical pumps for the inlet (seafloor ducts) and high-pressure multistage pumps, we also have a range of auxiliary pumps for transporting water, flushing the wastewater, and other functions of desalination plants. Depending on the water temperature and salinity levels, our pumps are available in a wide variety of metals – cast iron, duplex steel, and super duplex steel. Our centrifugal desalination pumps tick all the boxes: Energy efficiency Economic efficiency Durability Value for investment Maintenance-friendly Here are our top pumps for the desalination industry: Single-stage centrifugal pumps Submersible desalination pumps Double-flow axial split case pumps Multistage axial split case pumps Vertical shaft pumps If you’re looking for the best desalination pumps with maximum efficiency, get in touch with our sales team to know more about our products and solutions for the desalination industry.

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