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Overview of the Pump Application in Desalination Sector

Posted: 13/10/2020
Category: Desalination Plants

The percentage of fresh water in the world is just 3% – and not to forget that it’s unevenly distributed. 97% of the water on Earth is seawater (saltwater) and is not fit for human consumption. The average salt content in seawater is 3.5%, making it unfit for drinking, cooking, and other day-to-day activities. Not just regular activities, but seawater is also not suitable for irrigation and industrial needs. Increasing population, accelerating agriculture and industrial needs make it essential for us to convert seawater into potable water. With nearly 40% of the world’s population living within a radius of 60 miles from coasts, desalination – the practice of converting seawater into potable water – has gained tremendous traction in recent years. Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. With accelerating climate change and other socio-economic factors, desalination is quickly growing as the popular choice for drinking water. However, one of the biggest challenges facing the desalination industry is – high costs. The desalination industry is highly dependent on water pumps. pumps-supplier-for-desalination-plants Image Courtesy: Desalination Plant Process using RO (Reverse Osmosis) In a typical desalination plant that uses RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology, the following pumps are used at each stage. They are: Saltwater intake pump Low-pressure booster pump/filter feed Backwash pump Flushing pump First-pass feed pump (high pressure) Second pass feed pump Booster pumps Product water pump Chemical cleaning pump As you can see, the desalination industry relies heavily on pumps. At Sintech, we support the desalination industry’s progress and advancement with our range of dedicated desalination pumps. Focussing on optimised equipment design and high efficiency, low OPEX, and low CAPEX – our desalination pumps are the best choices for our customers. Sintech is fast-recognised as a trusted pump manufacturer for the desalination industry. Our range of pumps is suitable for both RO (Reverse Osmosis) and MED (Multi-Effect Distillation) technologies. Our pumps work well in both seawater and brackish water. Proven technology, focus on innovation, and decades of experience, make Sintech a globally trusted brand for pump design and manufacture.

Sintech – The Trusted Leader in Pumps for Desalination Plants

As one of India’s leading industrial pump manufacturers and exporters, Sintech offers comprehensive pump solutions for desalination plants. Our pumps are known all over the world for their robust features: Low maintenance costs Long lifecycle and Low NPSH values Sintech supplies efficient centrifugal pumps for desalination plants. Besides the critical inlet pumps, we also offer high-pressure auxiliary pumps for transporting saltwater and flushing pumps for backwashing. Depending on the salinity levels and the seawater’s temperature, our pumps are made using cast iron or duplex steel. With Sintech, customers are assured of efficiency and low-cost operability.

Sintech’s Range of Pumps for Desalination

pumps-for-desalination-plants-in-india Our centrifugal pumps are the perfect choice for desalination plants. Additionally, our double suction pump is extremely powerful, making it ideal for seawater intake. Besides, we have a full range of pumps for desalination like – brine water pumps, backwash pumps, recirculation pumps, and transfer pumps. One of the significant factors to consider while choosing desalination pumps is the material of the pump. Since these pumps will be in constant contact with salt water, the pump material must be highly corrosion-resistant. Our pumps are made with a special material known as duplex steel. High resistance to stress corrosion, local corrosion, and surface corrosion, our pumps are designed for long life. It can withstand corrosion, even when the water has a high concentration of chemicals and hydrocarbons. Here’s a closer look at our best-selling pumps for the desalination industry:
S.No. Pump Type Features USP
1 Split Casing Double Suction Pump Easy maintenance Increased efficiency Low hydraulic loads Enhanced performance Stiff shaft design Total reliability and reduced lifecycle cost
2 Dynamic Sealed Pump (UMOR) IB Pullout Type Frame Withstands high pressure and high temperatures The minimum average life of 20,000 hours Hydraulically balanced for increased efficiency and long life Dynamically sealed to avoid water leakages
3 Horizontal and Vertical Axial Flow Pumps No priming required – ready for use High overall efficiency Occupies minimal space Can handle liquids ranging from clear water to highly contaminated seawater
Not just world-class pumps, Sintech also offers structured after-sales maintenance solutions. Our commitment to quality, impeccable design, and excellent customer service make us one of the desalination industry’s trusted partners. For further queries or pump customisations, get in touch with our sales team at Sintech by dropping a line at

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