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Sintech Pumps – The Go-to Destination for Desalination Pumps in India

Posted: 15/12/2020
Category: Desalination Plants

Sintech – World Leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer since 1986

Founded in 1986, Sintech has been a pioneer in the Indian industry arena. We have been contributing to the development of society by providing world-class, engineered pumps for over 30 years. We have established a solid reputation due to high-quality products and exemplary service. The Sintech brand is well-known in India and overseas for our reliability and technological expertise.

Pioneers in Desalination Pumps in India

Can you believe that freshwater accounts for less than 1% of the total water in the world? There's no doubt that freshwater is one of the most sought-after natural resources in the world today. Even today, a large percentage of the world's population still lack access to clean drinking water. Overpopulation, water scarcity, pollution, climate change are some of the pressing problems facing humankind today.

As a result, seawater desalination plants have become the need of the hour. We need to work on innovative pumping solutions to provide every person on the planet with clean drinking water.

Desalination pumps face several challenges. They need to operate in harsh conditions and carry water with high saline concentrations. They need to work in extreme conditions 24 hours of the day and 365 days of the year. As a result, pumps for seawater desalination need to meet the following requirements:

Resistant to saltwater corrosion

Highly durable

High efficiency

Minimal power consumption

Sintech has met these challenges by offering world-class saltwater pumps designed for the desalination industry. We have a wide range of seawater desalination pumps. Our pumps are used in several desalination projects across India as well as overseas.

Seawater Desalination Plants can be classified into three major categories:

Multi-stage Flash System – the pumps used here include:

Brine heater condensate pump

Seawater recirculation pump

Brine recirculation pump

Brine blowdown pump

Seawater intake pump

Distillate pump

Potable water pump

Multi-effect Distillation System – the pumps used here include:

Seawater intake pump

Distillate pump

Brine blowdown pump

Potable water pump

Reverse Osmosis System

Seawater intake pump

Filtered water pump

High-pressure pump

ERD booster pump

2nd pass feed pump

Flushing pump

Backwash pump

Potable water pump

At Sintech, our centrifugal water desalination pumps solutions include:

Split Casing Pumps Double Suction (SCS) – This pump offers higher efficiency and requires low maintenance. It can be installed as horizontal coupled, vertical close coupled and vertical open coupled.

Dynamic Sealed Pump (UMOR) – With dynamic sealing, this pump avoids liquid wastage. It can withstand high pressures and temperatures, and the bearings are designed for an average life of 20,000 hours.

Vertical and Horizontal Axis Flow Pumps – These pumps can be operated either in a single-stage or multi-stage setup. As the impeller is submerged, this pump doesn't require priming. It offers high overall efficiency and minimizes losses in suction.

Why Choose Sintech for Desalination Pumps?

High-grade materials – We use high-quality metals like duplex stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel that offer high corrosion resistance.

Stringent Testing – Our pumps undergo extensive testing before they leave our factory. We always conduct a performance test before delivery. Our continual testing and rigorous quality checks ensure that our pumps offer the best performance.

R&D – At Sintech, we continually offer innovative pump solutions to meet the industry's changing needs. Our R&D team is focussed on improving our pump design to provide maximum efficiency, minimize maintenance, and reduce power consumption.

After-Sale Service – We continue to provide our customers with extensive support throughout the lifecycle of the pump.

Wrapping Up

There's no doubt that desalination plants play a critical role in meeting the challenges of water scarcity. At Sintech, we are committed to improving the efficiency of desalination pumps by offering world-class pumps for the seawater desalination industry. If you have any further queries regarding our desalination pumps, drop in a line at, and our team will get back to you with all the support and info you need.

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