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Customer Stories

Our users love Fintech and how it has helped transform their investment portfolios.

“I love the fact Fintech is user friendly and so customer-focused that my suggestions are embraced and listened to.”

Richard Scholl

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“Fintech is often a source of inspiration – it simplifies our finances and makes a usually complicated process easy.”

Natalie Williams

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“The story we’re now able to view through Fintech is giving us a lot more information than just raw numbers on a page.”

Patrick O’Connor

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“It worked in a much more natural and intuitive way than the mobile apps I was accustomed to using for my investments.”

Jennifer Healy

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“Having real-time information through Fintech allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems.”

Nicholas Fitzgerald

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“It’s helped us dramatically compared to before. At any given time I can see exactly what’s happening in our business.”

Marie Collins

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“It has helped us stay organized and efficiently collaborate while empowering us to keep a close watch on cash flow”

Mark Thornton


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