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Aquaculture Industry

Aquaculture is a vibrant international industry, supplying aquatic organisms to people worldwide for eating, sport or business purposes. Unsurprisingly, demand for fish products has outstripped the supply from wild catches over the past two decades. But a relatively new industry driven by this high level of demand is emerging: aquaculture. Aquaculture is to water what agriculture is to land; it is the cultivation of aquatic organisms, such as fish or shellfish. As an industry, it has begun to fill the gap between supply and demand, adding a yield of 80 million tons per year to that of wild catches to reach a combined annual total of more than 180 million tons.

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    Utilizing water is the key to success in the Aquaculture industry, Sintech provides solutions for your clean water supply, crops and livestock. Reliable and efficient water supply is vital to daily farming, therefore we have combined their knowledge and expertise in this field, to provide a vast range of pumps, valves and controls which provide a constant and desired flow and pressure. As well as supplying pumps for water supply, Sintech are experts in Slurry Handling equipment and have a vast range of products and solutions to suit aqua farming needs.


    Vertical Turbine Pumps

    This range of vertical pumps offer widest range of selection depending upon the pumping liquid from clear water to varying degrees of contamination. These pumps are designed to operate at 50Hz or 60 Hz, in single or more than one stage according to head required.


    • Vertical pumps take little space in plan since the liquid in led away to the axis of shaft.
    • The impeller is submerged, so pump does not require to be primed and is always ready for use.
    • The positive suction condition also prevents the cavitation in the pump and pitting in impeller & diffuser.
    • Due to positive head at suction the pump gives its rated performance as well as high overall efficiency, whereas in Horizontal pumps due to losses in suction line, foot valve etc the rated performance of the pumps is not achieved.

    Split Casing Pumps Double Suction

    This range provides a higher efficiency with lower maintenance. Development of this new range followed an extensive consultation with major users. This has produced an advanced pump, which provides total reliability and reduced life cycle cost.

    This Pump can be Installed as

    • Horizontal coupled
    • Vertical open coupled
    • Vertical close coupled


    • Improved Hydraulics
    • Stiff Shaft Design
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Increased Component Life with more corrosion allowance
    • Enhanced Performance
    • Increased Efficiency
    • Low Hydraulic Loads
    SMF Pump

    Horizontal Mixed – Flow Pumps

    The SMF series are single-stage centrifugal pumps suitable for handling pure or contaminated liquids in large quantities. These pumps are of robust construction and have long working life. These pumps are highly efficient resulting in low energy consumption.


    • Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced
    • Handles abrasive slurries
    • High flow up to 7000 M3
    • Heavy duty bearing for maximum life

    The main benefits to be derived from aquaculture industry are:

    • The increased production of food for human consumption
    • The opening of commercially viable business opportunities
    • The creation of employment, especially in rural areas
    • Increased national exports
    • The substitution of imports by local production
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