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Since 1986, Sintech Pumps as a leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer in India has been providing expert product-knowledge and an unparalleled dedication to meet all of your pumps and spares needs.


Don’t let your business grind to a halt when your pumps are not working properly. SINTECH PUMPS offers state-of-the-art pumps of all kinds, all shapes, and all sizes. As leading pump distributors, we have a huge inventory of pumps and spare parts. We also have in-house capabilities for custom design and fabrication. Matching pumps to applications is what all pump suppliers do. However, matching the right pump is what successful suppliers do, and that is our claim. As one of the best pump manufacturers in India, we have strong working relationships with the foremost manufacturers in the market.

The design and manufacture of large centrifugal pumps is the core of our business. we can offer a wide range of pumps and pump technologies, which allow us to offer the right pump selection for the application, not just the right selection to suit a certain range. We constantly strive to improve the features of our range and introduce new products, providing better efficiency and reliability, resulting in long term benefits for our customers and the environment. Most importantly, we offer our products, such as centrifugal pumps and high pressure pumps, at wholesale prices. Enjoy quick delivery and the most competitive prices on the market.

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    Our Industrial Pump Range

    Sintech Pumps a leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer offers a wide range of pumps that cater multiple industrial applications. Select the pumps below specific to your project.

    Sintech Pumps - Your Partner in Operational Excellence!

    Largest Industrial Pump Manufacturer

    Sectors We Cover

    As a leading industrial  pump manufacturer in India, Sintech Pumps ensure that each and every pump that is dispatched adheres to the quality policy norms. We provide all kinds of pumps like Centrifugal PumpsWater PumpsIndustrial Pumps , Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump etc. The applications of these pumps can be found in many industries, refineries and mills. Some of the best suited sector that we cover are listed below.

    Pumps selection guide

    Not sure what you require?


    Retrofitting and Overhauling Solutions

    Retrofitting is an excellent alternative to buying a new product and can be performed on pumps regardless of their intended use.

    Sintech Pumps offers wide range of service that assist users to get the most out of their pumps when pumping requirements change or to prolong the life of existing pumps.

    What makes us Different from other Industrial Pump Manufacturers

    Years of Experience
    On time Delivery
    Products Available
    Customer Globally

    Why Choose Sintech Pumps?



    At Sintech Pumps, we specialize in manufacturing of pumps suitable for multiple purposes. From Centrifugal pumps, multistage high pressure pumps, horizontal mixed flow pump, vertical multistage pumps, Torque Flow Pumps, our pumps offer the highest quality and excellent results.



    As a  leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer, we have a fully qualified team of technical advisers to help you choose the right pump for your application. We specialize in a wide range of applications and take great care to ensure our clean process pumps and Industrial pumps are manufactured to strict guidelines to avoid any contamination issues



    If you are not sure about exactly what your requirements are, or you don’t understand why a system keeps causing problems, please do lean on Sintech Pumps a leading Industrial Pump Manufacturer! Our 30+ years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying pumps means we have good knowledge of the various pumping system problems that can occur.

    Sintech Pumps – a largest Industrial Pump Manufacturer

    Sintech Precision Products Ltd. is a world renowned Industrial Pump Manufacturer & supplier of pump systems used in a variety of markets and applications throughout the world. Established in Year 1986 by an enterprising technocrat Mr. N.C. Dhingra, it’s an ISO 9001 certified company Headquartered in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (INDIA).


    International Standards

    Sintech pumps are engineered and produced in compliance with the internationally recognised DIN-24255/ISO-2858/ISO-5199 standards. Our pumps undergo rigorous testing in accordance with IS-9137/ISO-9906 standards, ensuring their reliability and quality.


    Industries Served

    Established in 1986 by an enterprising technocrat Mr. N.C. Dhingra – Sintech Precision Products Ltd. an ISO 9001 certified company is now a leading & respected pump manufacturer in India. Sintech Precision Products Ltd. has now expanded in all type of pumps.


    Quality Assurance Procedures

    Our Quality Assurance Department is manned by qualified engineers to ensure completion of raw materials and final pumps with relevant quality norms. The activities are divided into raw material inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection.

    What our clients say

    • Thank you for your very comprehensive report on the Health Check Up of the pumps. It made the decision process very easy when given the information in that format, And made Spare Planning a lot simpler job as compare to previous tedious one well done.

    • Sintech Pumps are of superior quality and excellent in performance. We have been associated with Sintech pumps since few years now and are delighted by their services.

    • Your dedication to your customers is unheard of, you were with us all the way from design, shipping problems, startup and helped us a lot during the warranty issues. The system is fantastic and working just like we wanted.

    • We have installed Sintech Pumps and pumps have been working satisfactorily. It was also noted that power consumption is considerably less than other similar pumps. These Pumps are self-priming and leak proof an also been observed that these required less maintenance.

    • I have been working with Sintech pumps from last year during which time I have found them to be professional and responsive to our needs which are often at a moments notice. Dealing with a supplier who has in depth knowledge of their product and can offer this without referral to a third party is paramount. Communication is excellent and always professional.

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