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Pumps are one of the most critical elements of an industrial process. Be it sugar processing, paper manufacturing, chemical processing, power plants or wastewater management systems, the quality of your pumps determines the efficiency of the overall operation.
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What is Condition Monitoring in Smart Pumps?

Condition Monitoring or CM, in short, is the process of determining the condition of your pumps, while they are in operation. This helps in monitoring the working situation of your water pumps using techniques like vibration monitoring.

Benefits of Condition Monitoring

Reduce Repair Costs

In traditional maintenance, you usually have to replace the entire equipment in case of failure.However, in condition monitoring, you replace the critical piece of equipment before it fails.

Reduce Labor Costs

During repairs and maintenance, the time taken for repair is significantly reduced.

Eliminate Downtime

In traditional maintenance methods, a critical pump failure can lead to unscheduled downtime, which will end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Improve Overall Safety

With condition monitoring, you can fix potential problems before they become a significant safety issue.

Streamline Employee Operation Time

By identifying the precise repairs to be done beforehand, employees need not spend valuable time, trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Above all, Increase your overall Revenue

With reduced repair costs, quick repair times & no downtimes, you can increase your total revenue by a huge margin.

Condition Monitoring Methods

Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

This is one of the most widely used ways of condition monitoring.

Sampling of Lubricants

This is mostly used for identifying lubrication system faults issues.

Electrical Plant Tests

This technique is used to monitor the condition of the motor.

Non-destructive Testing and Visual Inspection

This is used to identify wear and tear in the external pump casing.

Performance Monitoring and Analysis

This is used to detect any faults with a pump’s internal conditions.

Eliminate Downtime

You take proactive maintenance, which means you can schedule repairs during non-productive times.

IOT - Internet of Things

Sintech innovative products are leading the industries to sustainable future. Our innovative team applied IOT in industrial pumps.

IOT Enabled Pumps

The broad idea of IOT is that a whole IOT of traditional appliances are increasingly built with wireless internet connectivity. This means you can now monitor and control these devices over the internet with the help of a mobile app.


Sintech system pump will be outfitted with several sensors that measure everything from flow rate, pressure, vibration, temperature, current and voltage etc. All the data from these sensors will be passed to an IOT gateway properly.

Benefits of IOT Enabled Pumps
1. Reduce workforce time

Your workforce need not spend their working time, moving around, checking existing systems and measuring data.

3. Minimum data cost

Sensors send data to the cloud only when something is out of the normal range.

2. Increase pump uptime

This is highly helpful to maintenance engineers in a power plant, water treatment plant or any other industry.

4. Alert before malfunction to happen

Real-time data analysis is possible.

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