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Horizontal Mixed – Flow Pumps – SMF

The SMF series are single-stage centrifugal pumps suitable for handling pure or contaminated liquids in large quantities. These pumps are of robust construction and have long working life. These pumps are highly efficient resulting in low energy consumption.
SMF Pump
Capacity (Maximum) 7,000 m3/hr.
Head (Maximum) 45 m
Temperature 50°C
Working Pressure 4 kg/cm2
  • Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced
  • Handles abrasive slurries
  • High flow up to 7000 M3
  • Heavy duty bearing for maximum life
  • General Water Supply
  • Water treatment
  • Injection and Spray
  • Condensate
  • Water supply
  • Cooling tower
  • Power industry utilities
  • Storm water and drainage
  • Sewage Disposal
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